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Hi everyone, I’m Jacquelyn and I am interning this fall at a company called Advanced Sports International, an international bike distributor.  I am working in their marketing department, helping develop an advertising schedule and plan for 2014.  Our goal is to make ASI’s 5 brands and most important 2014 bikes known to the biking community.  In my first few weeks at ASI, I have done a variety of jobs.  I have done your typical intern jobs ranging from lunch pick-up to organizing expense reports, but I have also done a ton of ad related work.  This work includes jobs like going through old ads and checking out new media kits.  The #1 lesson that I have learned from my time at ASI is the importance of planning.  Every single job I have done so far has involved planning.  I have spent the past 4 weeks alone going through old records and new information to create a big ad plan.  So far, I have found that the key to successful planning is to write everything down somewhere.  Being the organizational freak that I am, I write things down in a notebook first and then transfer my info onto an excel spreadsheet.  No matter how you do it though, planning is essential in any successful piece of work, and odds are it will make your life easier down the line.  I am confident that the endless hours I have spent planning ASI’s 2014 advertising schedule will lead to a successful and effective year of advertisements.


photo  This is a picture of the notebook I keep my extensive lists of plans and To Do Lists.



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  1. Jacquelyn,

    I think the lesson you shared it is a very important one. I can relate directly because in my internship I would sometimes juggle more than one thing at a time but budgeting my time and planning it out always helped. Thank you!

    Phil Morris

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