My Adventure of Interning for an Independent Writer

Hello! My name is Brianna Salort and I’m a senior majoring in advertising. I just wrapped up my internship with an independent scientific journal writer, Michael Eisenstein here in Philadelphia. His business is an independent LLC, which is very unique compared to what most people would want to intern for. I chose this because it is a much more realistic idea of what I want to do in life. Create my own business and customize projects as per client’s requests. His sole job is to research and write scientific journals and articles for well, scientists!

As an intern, I helped Michael manage some of the roles he plays on a daily basis. Since he is a one-man business it is important, he himself takes care of each and every department a bigger business would supply. He basically held the mask for it all, the writer, accountant/finance, account manager, salesman, marketing and more he covers it all. In my time there I took on the role of the admin assistant and a little bit of account management.

The administrative work was actually my favorite tasks to do. The day was started with easy tasks, it helped to get the ball rolling onto bigger tasks, later on, making them feel easier and less stressful. Simple things such as responding to all emails, calling back any voicemails and transcribing recordings would help Michael have more time to concentrate on actual journals. It was a very rewarding feeling to know I was helping out so much. In person, on the phone and video interviews with clients were a little more to handle, especially for me since I did not understand all terms being used. Science if not in my field so it was hard to grasp the exact meaning of everything said, but I took care of the note taking and follow up drafts during these interviews. I also was more than happy to call clients, update them on how their work is doing and see if they needed any further information. Communication is key in a business and the checkup phone calls helped some of the clients feel more at ease and trustworthy with Michael.

Overall, this was a great experience and opportunity. I got to shadow a great writer and see his everyday work, contribute to the communication between the business and client and learn how an independent business runs.

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  1. Sounds like the time you’ve spent at your internship was very useful. In my experience Working with a smaller agency is definitely worth it. As well as directly being the aid for someone with an important role. The amount of things you learn is disproportionately more compared to if you were doing the work on your own. Congrats on completing the term with Micheal!

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