My advice for future interns!

My name is Lindsay Smith, and I was lucky enough to score an internship with Harmelin Media, a great media buying and planning agency just outside of the city.  This experience has taught me so much about working in the real world, dealing with different people, and working to solve problems to create a great end result for the company and the client.

Based on my own successes and flaws starting my first internship, I compiled a list of some advice that may help future students! 1) Always show up on time.  Even better, be the first to show up and the last to leave.  This is a great way to show that you are hungry to get ahead and will really impress those working above you  2) Never just idle at your desk waiting for a task.  Your supervisors are probably busy with other work, but if you keep asking “what else can I do to help?” they will percieve you as eager and motivated and probably give you substantial work that you can put on your resume or talk about in future interviews.    3) Take notes, take notes, and then take more notes.  Odds are, you won’t remember the instructions you got from your boss as soon as you get back to your desk.  People who have been in the industry for a long time don’t want to baby you and keep repeating the same instructions over and over again.  It’s important you write things down to show that your on task and paying attention. 4) Organize your time.  This is where I had the most trouble.  If you’re balancing school and a part time job, and then an internship on top of all that,  it can feel overwhelming!  This is the time when you need to get it together and start acting like an adult.  Get a planner, use your blackberry, whatever, just make sure you plan out your days so you don’t fall behind in school or in work because it piles up fast! 5) Have fun. Shyness won’t get you anywhere in an agency.  You need to build relationships and enjoy yourself or the work day will seem alot longer than you’d like.  These people could be your future coworkers so take the time to get to know them! It’s not about what you know, it’s about who you know!

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