My Better Philly Debut!

Interning at a television station sure has its perks! I was asked by the Production/Promotion Manager if I was willing to be on TV because they needed someone to demo a product for the Better Philly segment. So I figured why not? Well, I wasn’t prepared to get my teeth whitened on television but I decided to be a good sport and go for it. Thankfully, I was dressed in dark colors which was a plus for the camera, and I didn’t have to speak… just SMILE! They sat me down in the dentist looking chair, (which was very comfy actually) and we did a quick run through as to what I would be doing and when I should look at the camera. With little practice, it was action time and the lights were shining on me as I put in this awkward mouth guard and brought the light to my mouth. I think doing things out of the ordinary is all part of tv… I actually didn’t mind at all. I think I like the TV business.

Watch me in action here!
My Better Philly Debut for Glo Whitening!

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