My Cross-Cultural Communication and Career Growth Odyssey

Hey everyone, I’m Qiaoyan Chen, a senior majoring in Brand Strategy & Research and Advertising at Temple University. Since August this year, I’ve been interning at Philadelphia Focus Media. In this blog post, I want to share my experiences working as a social media specialist and the growth and insights gained through activities like crafting media strategies, conducting interviews, and participating in events.

  • Bilingual Experience: Opening Doors of Opportunity, Breaking Cultural Barriers

As an international student from China, my bilingual skills have opened up more opportunities for me. In this diverse environment, I’ve learned how to express myself better in bilingual settings and improved my cross-cultural communication skills. However, I also faced challenges, especially in the potential misunderstandings and communication difficulties in cross-cultural communication. Yet, it’s these challenges that pushed me to understand and respect different cultures, enhancing my communication skills. This kind of growth cannot be obtained in traditional academic theory, but needs to be experienced and understood through practice.

  • Media Strategy Development: Creating Value for Collaborative Clients

At Philadelphia Focus, I had the privilege to participate in developing media strategies for collaborative clients. It’s not just a job but a process of understanding client needs deeply and customizing solutions for them. By analyzing market trends, user feedback, and competitor strategies, I successfully helped clients build a more attractive and influential social media presence, gaining more attention and business opportunities.

  • Project-Related Interviews and Activities: Close Encounters with the 76ers Project

During my internship, I had the opportunity to be involved in interviews and activities related to the 76ers project. This project is not just numbers or plans; it’s a practice full of passion and innovation. Through close collaboration with the project team, I wasn’t just an observer but a participant, gaining a profound understanding of the story behind the project and the team’s efforts. This experience deepened my understanding of the complexity of project management and the importance of teamwork.

  • Enhancing My Skills…

This internship enhanced my social media management skills, teamwork abilities, and communication skills with partners from different backgrounds. I deeply understand the importance of growing in a creative and challenging work environment. Thanks to Philadelphia Focus for providing me with this valuable opportunity; I believe this experience will be a significant milestone in my career. Looking forward to applying these valuable experiences to broader fields and continuing to strive for excellence. I hope my sharing inspires those seeking internship opportunities or career development. Thank you!

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  1. Hello QIAOYAN CHEN, I love what you put here. That is so cool that you got to do work for the 76ers! I’m sure it was difficult to transition to the US, and work here. It looks like you got a very cool opportunity, and gained valuable insight in this career path. You will learn from this, and the sky is the limit for your career. Best of luck in the future!

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