My Events and Marketing Internship at Philly Mag!

This semester, I completed an internship at Philadelphia Magazine as an Events and Marketing Intern.

This semester, I completed an internship at Philadelphia Magazine as an Events and Marketing Intern. Events at Philly Mag are used for us as a magazine to get our word out to our audience and beyond, but also to use events as a marketing tool for outside brands that decide to purchase event sponsorships. My role in the Events department was keeping track of data for events coming up, tracking social media, E-Blasts, E-Newsletters, content creation and probably the most important, being onsite on the day of the actual events for whatever tasks needed to be done.

For example, the January issue of Philadelphia Magazine was the top 50 restaurants in Philly. We had a large event to showcase it called Philly Cooks, where those top 50 chefs came and prepared a signature dish for guests to go around and try. I was keeping track of all the restaurants’ registration information like materials they needed for their tables, what dishes they were preparing etc. so we could have all their info on file and also make signage for their table. Then on the day of the actual event, the team and I were setting up for a few hours. Once the event started, I was helping out with registration and checking in all the restaurants making sure they had what they needed based on their files.

Another event that was probably my favorite was their annual Brides, Bubbly and Brunch event. This event is where brides-to-be can come and see a bridal gown fashion show, meet with wedding planners and other vendors that they can have at their weddings and much more. Prior to the event, I went with the wedding team to different bridal boutiques to try on dresses and post it on social media in order to spread awareness about those boutiques since their dresses were going to be the ones in the fashion show. The day of the event, I was in charge of social media and capturing different parts of the day like the show, our sponsors, some vendors, fashion show prep and behind the scenes. It was such a fun day and social media/content creation are some of my favorite things to do. This was my last big project before the COVID-19 outbreak.

This internship was my favorite of all the opportunities I had in college. I learned a lot about the company but also myself and what I would want for myself in a career. I would love to work for Philly Mag again in the future if they would have me.



  1. This was so internist and informational! I have taken some marketing classes during my college career, so it was fun to see the internship side of the industry in a hands on way. As someone who reads Philly Mag, I enjoyed the insight of the behind the scenes that goes on at the firm. I myself had a summer internship but with Philly PR Girl, so I definitely related to the mention of Covid. I strictly was working from home/adapting to working from home which was a first for me. Good luck in the future!

  2. Maria, that sounds like an excellent experience! I like how you planned and were directly involved in the events. I have noticed in marketing how events can be a great opportunity to increase sales and gain new business. The Philly Cooks showcase sounded like an awesome event. Congrats on that opportunity!

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