My Experience as a Media Planning Intern at Group Two

For the people who’re looking for internships, my advice to you is to give it a shot.


I learned about the Group Two agency through a friend who interned there the previous semester and loved them. They specialize in home builder marketing solutions and are committed to having a notable role in the industry, which I found admirable. So I sent my application in and was ecstatic when I was hired to be their media planning intern. My first day at the agency was intimidating. I wasn’t familiar with the workplace environment and didn’t know if “business casual” was too casual. However, upon walking in I was greeted by Katie, one of the account managers, who was kind enough to walk me around and introduce me to everyone.

In all honesty, the first couple of weeks at Group Two were overwhelming. In between tasks, I spent my time familiarizing myself with Trello and all sorts of documents that contained schedules, client jobs, traffic, and other fun stuff. By February, I was comfortable with the flow of the agency and started to enjoy my time there. I had the pleasure of working with Matt Coddaire, the managing director who was filling in as the media strategist. He taught me how Group Two works with its clients and showed me the ropes of media planning. I was able to sit in on some client meetings which were very insightful because I witnessed the close relationship they have with some home builder clients. 

For the few months I worked as their intern, I learned that I want to continue my career in an advertising agency. I see myself working in an environment similar to Group Two’s because their team members were all so nice and easygoing. I want to gain experience in other fields of advertising as well, such as digital marketing and creative, since I have a double concentration in both media planning and art direction at Temple. Unfortunately, due to COVID-19, the internship program was cut short and I was unable to continue through the rest of the semester. I regret not shadowing the other departments earlier in the year since I’d been wanting to ask about their roles as a creative director or social media strategist. However, I’m glad I had this opportunity and will continue to search for more experiences to push my advertising career. I’d like to thank Group Two Advertising for introducing me to the agency life and giving me the chance to work amongst successful people in the field; it was a great place to have my first internship. 

For the people who’re looking for internships, my advice to you is to give it a shot. At the agency you don’t think will even look at your resume, at the place you feel under-qualified for, or in the city you hope to move to. It doesn’t hurt to send a resume in, and you never know where it can take you. Once you’ve landed the internship, ask questions and talk to people around the workplace. Make your time there worthwhile, you won’t regret it. 

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