My Experience as an Intern at Alkemy X

Hello! My name is Rose and I’m a soon-to-be graduate from Temple with a major in advertising and a concentration in art direction. I’m currently a social media marketing intern at the Philadelphia-based company Alkemy X. 

My experience at Alkemy X has been enlightening, emphasizing the importance of effective communication and the power of expressing professional goals. It has showcased the significance of adaptability and finding fulfillment in various aspects of a role. This internship has solidified my passion for creative content creation and art direction. It has strengthened my determination to focus on roles that allow me to leverage my artistic skills and contribute to visual content creation. It has confirmed that I have aspirations for a creative career in a large advertising agency.

Throughout this experience, I’ve had the opportunity to delve into the inner workings of a media company. Networking opportunities have been abundant, and I’ve gained further proficiency in tasks such as copywriting, social media analytics, and content creation. This exposure has provided personal and professional growth. A few highlights of my work have been crafting interviews for VFX editors, creating holiday content for Alkemy X’s social media platforms, and composing a blog post on utilizing AI in creative fields. Below I have a few graphics that I enjoyed making for the Alkemy X social media channels.

Interacting with visual effect artists and professionals in the entertainment and advertising industry has been incredibly inspiring. Engaging with individuals involved in significant projects like “The Marvelous Ms. Maisel” and “Fear of the Walking Dead” has filled me with admiration for the creative work undertaken by the talented team at Alkemy X.

Through my experience at Alkemy X I’ve gained enhanced communication skills, a better understanding of navigating a professional work environment, and honed my copywriting skills. Additionally, exposure to various aspects of social media management and the opportunity to contribute creatively have been valuable highlights. The experience has reaffirmed the importance of setting and communicating clear goals for personal and professional development.

In conclusion, this internship has been an overwhelmingly positive experience, providing invaluable insights and opportunities for growth. Moving forward, I am excited to continue my career path and work towards my goal of becoming an art director at an advertising agency. 

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