My Experience at Cashman & Associates

Hello! My name is Mark Longacre, and I’m currently interning with Cashman & Associates, the public relations firm in Northern Liberties.

Cashman & Associates is an incredibly fast paced public relations firm representing some of Philadelphia’s most well-known organizations.  We represent Stephen Starr’s restaurants and Catering division Starr Events, The Shake Shack, 1706 Rittenhouse, and the Hotel Palomar, to name a few.

Because Cashman represents a number of high profile clients, I feel my internship has taught me how to work professionally in an office environment.  We are constantly working inside and outside of the office, representing clients; therefore, the account executives and the interns must conduct themselves properly.  When meeting with clients, I am representing the business, and my internship has taught me to always be mindful of that.

I wasn’t expecting a “getting coffee” style internship, but I also wasn’t expecting to have as much responsibility as Cashman offered.  I have assisted my Account Executive with selecting clothing for fashion shoots, and pitched fashion shoots to local writers.  In addition, I have helped draft press releases and press pitches.

Overall, I feel my internship has given me a clearer understanding of the nature of the public relations industry.  It has shown me that the industry is constantly evolving, and it’s way more than a 9-5 job.  The account executives at Cashman & Associates are incredibly hardworking, and challenge their interns without overwhelming them.

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  1. This sounds like a great hands-on experience. I like that you said you weren’t expecting to have as much responsibility as they offered. Neither was I at my internship! They really trusted me in handling important tasks and I think that just brought the experience to a whole new level. Hope you enjoyed yours as much as I did with mine!

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