I was granted the opportunity to see what Temples athletic marketing department does to help attract more people to games. I had the opportunity to sit in meetings and discussions with the sales, graphic designing, and social media team. I have talked to my boss about development opportunities available to her, she explained the step by step development in the department. It began with student worker leading all the way up to her title of Assistant AD/ Marketing & Fan engagement.

The athletics department used by Temple is based on the price of its competitors, the success of teams, and the strength of opponents that they are competing against. They also use rivalry as a promotion to the best of their ability. Each factor plays its own role in determining the pricing strategy. If the competitors charge a certain rate, depending on how equal our fanbase and strength of our team is, will determine the raised or lower price we charge. If there is a rival game, or a big opponent such as Penn State, the prices of tickets will sky rocket because they become more desirable. My experience while working with athletics has been a great one. I have learned many marketing techniques that I believe will benefit me with my future occupation.