My Experience at Tristate Indie

When I hear others complaining about their internships, and all the tedious work they have to do, I know I lucked out in getting an internship at Tristate Indie. They say, if you love what you do then you’re not working, a statement that I’d say holds true to the subject.

I thought my internship was going to be at an agency, assuming the role of the coffee and errand guy. Instead I got to work with a small, local business like Tristate Indie. Tristate Indie is relatively new to Philadelphia, having moved here from Lancaster. Though they’re new, as a local music source and website, they have surely left their mark on the music scene in Philly.

My first day at the office I was introduced to the co-owners, was familiarized with the duties of the job and office, and then sent out on-site to do a write-up for the review of a show. It was pleasant to see my name on a guest list and getting into shows for free, this was a major perk of the job. This was the first of many events to come that helped me hone my skills in writing for web. I learned not to contain too much information, yet not so little, but finding that median of content to make it readable when doing write-ups.

I hope to continue to do work for Tristate Indie in the future, at no charge when I have an actual job. Many lessons about event planning, marketing, writing for web, and video work was learned at my stay.

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  1. Glad you had a great time, Dane. We always strive to give some “real life” experience for all of our Interns at Tri State Indie. I can get up and get my own coffee… you need experience to grow, and that’s what you’ll get. You were a great dude to have around. We wish you well in your future – definitely keep in touch!

    R+S – TSI

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