Hello, I am Grayson Long, an Advertising major at Temple University with a concentration in Account Management. This Spring, I had the opportunity to play the role as a Field Intern at Allied Global Marketing, located in Center City, Philadelphia. During my time at Allied, I worked under my supervisor, Joe Fucci. Joe is a Senior Account Executive who manages accounts like Paramount, Sony, Netflix, and more. Interning for Joe included tasks like researching events, locations, groups, etc. to partner with in promotion for movies that we are assigned to or organizing Excel documents full of influencers from Philadelphia and Pittsburgh to send to the client. The part I liked the most about working on the projects that I did was that the work I put in was all working towards a bigger picture, no matter the size of the project. I was able to work on promotion strategies for movies of which I’m big fan and that was considered a perk for me in this experience.

While working at Allied, I was able to see what goes on in a marketing agency on a regular day. I was treated just liked a regular employee when I was there. Everyone made me feel comfortable and was eager to answer any questions that I may have had. Even though I was assigned to intern for Joe, I was also able to work under a couple of other Account Executives in the office that manages different accounts like the Philadelphia Flower show or the Kimmel Center. When work transferred to home, everything still felt normal. All my coworkers were available at any time to give me projects to work on or support me if needed. I am thankful for my experience at Allied Global Marketing, because it made me aware of what it feels like to be a part of a real agency and that is something that I am looking forward to exploring more in my career.