My First Experience in Advertising

My first internship and real world experience in advertising. My time outside of Temple University.
My First Experience in Advertising

Hi everyone, my name is Jenna! I am currently going to be a senior Advertising major coming into fall semester of 2018. I am double concentrating in media planning and account management.

For the summer of 2018, I decided to get ahead on my studies (or you could say up to date being that I declared later than most!) and enroll in the summer internship course. I made this decision because, 1) I couldn’t part with my dear city of Philadelphia for the entire summer! And 2) I wanted to be able to give my full attention and time to my internship, without having to deal with the stress of other classes at the same time! This summer I interned withI-G Creative, who produces This is it TV with Cheldin Barlatt Rumer. Through my time interning, I have learned the importance of networking, professional communications, making connections, not taking things personal, and branding myself along side with whom I am working.

I got extremely lucky with my internship, in that Cheldin Barlatt Rumer was not only my boss, but was previously my personal branding professor at Temple University! Personal Branding was by far the most beneficial class I have taken through my time as a declared advertising major. The skills and information I learned in the class room, was luckily able to be taken and experienced outside of the classroom and into the real world. Working along side my professor, I was able to see where her teachings came into play in real time.


Cheldin Barlatt Rumor is a seasoned business professional who has so much experience and many connections, through her extensive work and time spent managing, creating and now being an executive within her own company. Cheldin Barlatt Rumor is the CEO of I-G creative, which produces This is it TV, a lifestyles news show which is produced and streamed live every week day. The show engages our viewers called “Screamers” by introducing them to intriguing people, interesting places and emerging up and coming brands. Cheldin uses her talent of public speaking and story telling to provide entertaining and motivating daily shows.


As an intern, I got to help out with the daily production of the show, recruiting new guests on the show and helping expand the demographic and gaining publicity of the viewership and following of the show. The studio is in Manayunk, in the Nickel Building, a shared coworking space. As an advertising intern I was able to aid the agency in building communications and community and work to expand the demographic and aid in building awareness within our markets of interest. I worked to collect data amongst community members both online, through research, and in person when meeting the many interesting and inspiring guests on the show. I aided in creating posts and promotions through our social platforms and help plan for future events and offers.


Aside from gaining valuable, real world experience, I was able to grow professionally and personally. I was able to brand myself professionally, work on my organization and time management, and learn to balance a job outside of my schooling along side with this internship. I had to learn to wake up and balance a morning commute and come prepared to the tasks that would take place outside of Temple University and within different parts of the city. I learned that I love the more untraditional agency space, and loved when we took out entire crew and set mobile. Overall, I this internship was beneficial in helping me gain confidence and experience in my future field post graduation.

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  1. Finding guests sounds super fun and interesting! How did you find potential guests and what kind of guests did you look for? Were you apart of a screening process? And, if so, what did that screening process entail?

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