My First Internship: Glam for the Gram!

Hi! My name is Kyla Greene, I am a senior advertising major with an art direction concentration, and will be graduating in May 2024. This fall semester I had the pleasure of interning as a social media and content creation intern with Glam on Demand, a team of talented makeup artists. This experience taught me so much in regards to how to take critique and apply it to my work and collaborate creatively with a higher authority. This internship showed me the importance of creating engaging content that brings more traction to a brand. From Glam on Demand’s collaborations with other small businesses to their strong team/family bond, I have learned what it takes to run a business and the importance of community and collaboration. 

I am determined to continue to pursue social media management through other internship opportunities and have grown extremely interested in creative production. I love overseeing the creative process and helping a vision come to life. Through this experience, I was able to work behind the scenes and be present for a content day which consisted of numerous photoshoots, an educational workshop, and taking a number of clients; I made a lot of content on this day and enjoyed being a part of a team. This further inspired me to aquire more experiences with projects in photography and creative production. There were a lot of positive aspects of the business that I discovered through this experience like gaining insight to the everyday life in the eyes of an entrepreneur, as well as how to keep consumers engaged through different visual displays and tactics.

I have met a lot of people that inspired me during this internship! For starters, I had the pleasure of working with the founder of Glam On Demand, Ashley Novak. It is always amazing to meet women who are empowered and own their own businesses. It gives me the courage to take initiative and potentially want to start a business of my own. Meeting other creatives, especially creative women gives me the reassurance that I am capable of anything with the right amount of work ethic and passion. During the content day, I also met the rest of the Glam On Demand team, and was inspired by their amount of knowledge about the beauty industry and their passion for their craft.

Going into this experience, I doubted my skillset and whether I had what it takes to produce content and successfully run a social media page, but I had to remind myself that as an intern you are not expected to have much experience. Although, I had experience with managing social media in the past, I was nervous because this was my first official internship role. As time progressed and I got into the swing of the semester, I was able to put my fears behind me and truly be present for this experience while learning crucial skills in content creation. I have gained not only the confidence necessary to work in this industry, but also the skillset necessary to excel in my future endeavors. 

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