My First Internship: N-Hour Security Solutions

Hi, my name is Dylan Zoccolo and I am a Senior Advertising Student studying Account Management. For my internship, I have been working with N-Hour Security Solutions, a security system installation company located in Lititz, Pennsylvania.

Before starting my internship, I had never had a professional experience that related to what I have been studying at Temple. I had been applying to many different agencies and corporations with no avail. Finally right at the beginning of the semester, a family friend of mine extended to me that he had just started his own business and was looking to grow his online presence. I had informed him that I had never had any professional experience, only knowledge from what I’ve in the classroom. After some discussion, we came to an agreement for me to come on as an intern, focusing on advertising his company.

Throughout the semester, I communicated back and forth with my supervisor discussing what he wanted, the budget for any campaigns, and what type of social media he was familiar with. I learned how to effectively communicate in a professional setting and adapt my ideas when they are not in sync within the company’s current goals. As with any task, there were challenges and points throughout the semester where unexpected obstacles appeared. These difficulties only allowed from me to learn from my mistakes and take the experiences going forward in my career.

Besides the professional experience I gained from my internship, I personally grew in different facets of myself. I learned how to be more confident in my abilities, explore what I’m good at and some areas I could improve in. Overall, I will always value my time interning with N-Hour Security Solutions as it has been an amazing building block for me to take with the rest of my professional career.

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