My First Internship

Searching and applying for Internships, as we all well know, is not an easy and exciting task. Applying and not hearing back or actually going to several interviews and finding out you didn’t get the position is exhausting, and quite frankly, a constant feeling of failure. At least, this is how I felt when applying for internships this past semester. Every time I received a decline email stating I didn’t get the position was another knife to the stomach. Finally, my luck had turned around I landed an internship with Turner Construction Corporation. When applying, I thought I didn’t have the slightest chance of hearing back. Yet to my disbelief, I was offered the position in the Marketing Department, and it has been such an awesome experience.

Turner Construction, for those who don’t know, is an international construction services company and is one of the leaders in construction building companies in diverse and numerous market segments. Their business portfolio touches in each of these market segments: aviation/ transportation, commercial, cultural and entertainment, data center, education, government, green building, healthcare, infrastructure, interiors, industrial/ manufacturing, pharmaceutical, public assembly, religious, research and development, residential/ hotel, retail and restaurant, and sports. As a matter of fact, Turner Construction has built on our very campus, Temple University. They have built the 1300 Residence Hall and currently building the new Science Education and Research Center.

I’m starting to realize that landing this internship with Turner Construction Cooperation has been a blessing in disguise. Although it appears to not compliment my major, it truly has broadened my creative ability and enhanced my portfolio. So far, I’ve created Turner sponsored ads in the University of Pennsylvania Football Program and have created several pages to their quarterly magazine, “Philly Review”, in particular the front and back cover. The opportunities that Turner has given me so far, I’m grateful for. Being able to use my skills to benefit the company and prove that I am capable to execute any assignment given to me and excel at my position has been a great feeling. My experience this past month has really shed light on what I wish to do in the future, what type of work environment I wish to work in, and most importantly, the type of people I wish to work with. Turner Construction Cooperation has made my first internship experience a remarkable first step into my career of Advertising.

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  1. I think there should be someone to give us insight on how hard it is to land an internship. I feel as though students think it’s a piece of cake but in reality applying to internships is a full time job in itself. The thing that keeps me positive it that I only need one yes. I apply to as many as I can because I know this is just the warm up to applying for jobs once I graduate. My advice to you is to look for internships through temple, search online and just call companies that you would be interested in interning for just to see if they might need interns. Apply until there are no more places to apply to and never get discouraged, use the denies as fuel to prove them wrong.

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