My First MBFW

It’s fashion week in New York!! My company Zang Toi had finally presented his beautiful, romantic Spring 2013 collection at The Stage, Lincoln Center on Sunday night. It was a superb experience for me to be one of the crews at such big-scale fashion show, not to mention that I had the to see some of the well-known fashion legends. I am definitely fulfilling parts of my bucket list!

We housed about 1000 guests last night and  there was a lot of preparation involved before a show that is only 15 minutes long. I was assigned to be at the front of house, packing gift bags, managing seats for the show and getting rid of “seat-stealers”. It wasn’t as easy as I thought as I had to be firm and diplomatic dealing with undisciplined individuals. There are many who stole front row seats and still argued with me when I asked them to leave. Packing 700 gift bags needed some sort of patience too. Each bag shall be packed according to the sample we had and nicely placed on each seats. There’s no room for mistakes and everything shall be presentable because gift bag speaks for our own brand and also our sponsors. We want our guests to be delighted.


When the lights dimmed off, the show began with birds chipping and soft romantic french music started to play. The French Riviera inspired collection has a romantic story attached to it. “The sun is rising on the Cote D’azur and creates a soft sparkle on the waves. Above the beach is Madame Du Chateau Lourmarin in her lush garden, strolling in her morning gown and dreaming of her handsome lover. She listens to birds in distant Pin Parasols. There is a sweet fragrance in the air from her blooming ice lilac roses. His charming face fails to elude her mind. She turns to walk back into her grand chateau, through the morning mist, her young lovers.”


It was a beautiful runway show! and touching at the same time as I saw some of my hard work were presented on the show such as materials and accessories that I sourced for and seeing the models strolling down the runway with them, it felt really incredible. I love my internship this summer and hopefully I will have more chances in the future to work in the fashion industry and prepare for big events.

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