My First Real Job Experience

This semester I had the opportunity to work as a marketing intern for the OneFive Capital Management Group.

This semester, I had the opportunity to work as a marketing intern for the OneFive Capital Management Group, a real estate investment, management, and advisory company based in Philadelphia. Originally, I was to be the manager of one of the multiple buildings of the One Five Capital Management Group – Temple Nest Apartments. As my internship progressed, however, I was instructed to create social postings for some of their other buildings as well as Skyline Apartments and The Greenery.

As a copywriting concentration major, I really enjoyed being able to flex my creative muscle in my work. Creating content for something in which I’m interested was a great experience for me and I really appreciated my time here. This experience was a really great starting spot for me in relation to my career. It gave me a baseline understanding of what it means to work in this type of industry. One of my personal interests is real estate so I was glad to be able to intern in this environment. Not only was I gaining experience in the marketing world, but I was immersing myself in the real estate world as well, getting to speak with current residents and potential leads, while familiarizing myself with the jargon and flow of leasing.

In this post pandemic world, there are a lot of remote jobs. My internship experience was in person. For me, being able to go into the office to complete my work kept me motivated and on task. I’m the kind of person who likes to get up every day and have somewhere to go and keep moving! This internship helped me solidify this routine for myself as I begin to look for full-time positions. Like being in the office, this job has helped me figure out what I like and also what I do not like. Although I have enjoyed the content creation aspect of this internship, I don’t think I will seek out a full-time position focusing on content creation because I want to experience something else that is more copy-focused.

I was inspired by all the employees of the OneFive Capital Management Group. The office setup was very open so it is a very collaborative space. Everyone worked together when needed and independently as well. Having this group workspace, I got to know everyone in the office really well and felt comfortable asking questions and learning from my higher-ups.

The experience did line up with my expectations. The only thing I was not expecting was when I was asked to start creating content for other buildings. At first, I was skeptical of this because I did not want to mess it up! I was comfortable where I was regarding creating and posting content for Temple Nest. However, this was one of those things that happens all the time. Learning to be adaptable is one of the main aspects of being a great employee.

For anyone who is just starting out at a new internship, good luck! Programs such as mine are really great stepping stones from college into full-time positions. This was my first professional experience and I was really glad to have completed it at the hands of the OneFive Capital Management Group.

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  1. I really enjoyed this post especially where you spoke about how your internship is in person. I currently am interning as a social media marketer remotley and, although I love my internship, hearing about your in person experience does make me realize how much of a difference it makes for collaboration.

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