My Hubspot x LinkedIn Ambassador Experience

Hi, I’m Juliette Gray, a rising junior and Advertising major at Temple University. As an international student from New Zealand, I jump at opportunities to work with companies like LinkedIn and HubSpot. My experience in the HubSpot x LinkedIn remote learning program has been invaluable, teaching me that paid media is fantastic and that working with clients is my true calling.

Working with LinkedIn and HubSpot has taught me three key lessons: my passion for paid media and analytics, the joy of helping clients achieve their goals, and that large-scale Zoom calls aren’t the best way for me to learn new platforms.

This internship has sparked my interest in paid media and client consulting. Running a campaign for my client Kendra and gaining her three new clients in ten days was incredibly rewarding and solidified my desire to pursue these areas further.
Several positive aspects stood out during my internship.

The leadership team, Cheyenne and Liz, did an excellent job, and the instructors were highly knowledgeable. The HubSpot platform offers a vast array of features, though I need more time to become proficient. I especially enjoyed the LinkedIn Ad campaign portal for its user-friendly design and ease of use.

Working with Kendra, an inspiring solo entrepreneur, was a privilege. Her willingness to collaborate and implement my suggestions was humbling and motivating. The teachers and leadership within the program were also remarkable, each bringing a wealth of knowledge and experience.

This internship met and even exceeded my expectations. The training sessions were long, but the client work in the final weeks was exactly what I anticipated. Unexpected exams were challenging but manageable. In hindsight, I wish I had familiarized myself more with the platforms beforehand.

From this internship, I gained numerous benefits:

  • Potential future employment at HubSpot or with Kendra.
  • In-depth knowledge of creating paid media campaigns.
  • Multiple certificates and a $750 credit.
  • An appreciation for client-facing work.

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