During my first 2 weeks at Shore Physicians Group I have definitely been inspired by people so far. Working at SPG and going to an event such as “Education Day” was really an eye opener as to why the clinical side of the group does what they do. It is inspirational to work with people who are so driven to help others. So far this internship has exceeded my expectations. Being able to be included and spoken to as if my opinion matters and makes a difference has been a great feeling. The best advice I can give to others looking for an internship is to apply as often as you can. I applied almost every other day during my last semester at Temple, even to places I wasn’t qualified for. I wound up finding this internship after applying for another position. Don’t limit yourself to one particular title too, for example, if you are a PR major, don’t just limit yourself to looking for jobs with that title.
My internship is personally great since I get to have my hands on many different projects such as starting a social media campaign for SPG’s Facebook page, helping SPG by creating PowerPoints/flyers for meetings and events, drafting e-mails, research, attending meetings, etc. This experience so far has really helped me get comfortable in an office setting. I got lucky landing where I am with this internship, and I hope the same for others who are having a hard time finding a place that will work out best for them.