My name is Nadira. I am a senior advertising major with a concentration in copywriting. I am working at the marketing and communication department of the Fox School of Business this summer as a writing intern. During my internship, I’ve learned a lot about aspects of advertising and marketing that I haven’t had the opportunity to experience in my advertising classes.

Before my internship at the Fox School of Business, I had only written advertisements for products and services. Writing content on behalf of an institution has been an entirely new experience for me. My work during the internship has consisted of writing emails to invite students to webinars for the graduate degree programs that Fox offers, writing LinkedIn ads on behalf of the Fox School, and writing an article for the Fox School’s alumni magazine, Fox Focus.

My internship at the Fox School of Business was not what I had expected it to be, it was better. The internship challenged my writing abilities, and I believe it helped me to strengthen my abilities. Every email or ad that I wrote was reviewed and sent back to me with comments to revise if necessary. Being able to compare my original copy to the revisions that I received from copywriters that work in the department helped me to learn how to revise and strengthen my copy. Reworking and editing my copy helped me to get used to writing in Fox’s brand voice and made the copy stronger. One of the biggest lessons that I will take away from the opportunity to work as an intern at Fox is that it’s true what they say about writing: “The only kind of writing is rewriting.”