My internship at the Fox School of Business!!!

Welcome to the PR Workroom! My name is Chiara Brunori, and I am a marketing/pr intern for the Fox School of Business. I am currently a senior advertising major, focusing on account management.  Being a second semester senior is tough work. Between upper level courses, extra curricular, and an internship life can get pretty hectic, but with proper planning it all seems to work out!

Every Monday and Thursday I go to my internship on the third floor dean’s suite in the Fox School of Business. I work with three other interns. Even though I have only been interning for the past three week, I have gained so much valuable experience and insight into the “client side” of the advertising world. Part of the reason I feel that I have learned so much at this point is due to the fact that I work directly with the Senior Associate Director of Communications and Creative Services, Jodi Briden, and the Senior Director of Communications and Marketing, Jennifer Fitzgerald. Both of these esteemed ladies direct their services to both Fox and STHM, so they are always busy!

So far my work days have been exciting, and I can’t wait to learn more!

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