My Internship Experience

I interned with T-Mobile over the summer and into the fall season. This experience has taught me so much about the marketing field and how the workplace, or zoom, takes place. It was cool to see what I have learned in class come to life. What I have learned most from this internship is how marketing meetings work and what topics are discussed. For example, I observed many meetings where the team talked about the T-Mobile marketing trucks and how they were doing. This ranged anywhere from budgets, where the trucks would be located, and who was assigned to which truck. I also learned how quarterly Powerpoint presentations were put together and what information to include.

Particularly, I did realize that I do enjoy the marketing field. I like how there are teams and team meetings to come together and form a plan. While I was not apart of the active in-person marketing work, I do know that I am a more hands-on learner. Therefore, I would like to be a part of active work involving the marketing trucks or something similar in the future. There were many positive aspects to working with the T-Mobile business. Since it is such a successful company, I witnessed the day in and day out tasks that keep the company running. I believe the most positive aspect about the business was how friendly and determined everyone was to execute the marketing plan. Everyone was constantly innovating and contributing ideas, showcasing a positive/including workplace, which is very important to me.

Many people inspired me in the field because like I said, people were positive and determined. Being someone who struggles with anxiety, especially when it comes to being overwhelmed with work, it was inspiring to see how the team remained calm, cool, and collected, even if things were not going as planned. I was inspired by everyone continuing to work through Covid and their new ideas. This experience definitely met my expectations. I thought I would have some different tasks in the beginning, but I am thrilled with how it turned out. I received great exposure and really valued being able to sit in on meetings and observe how marketing works in the real world. It took a lot of pressure off me knowing that I was there to learn and help, rather than being expected to do meet deadlines or take on tasks that were too much for me. I do not wish anything had gone differently, as I value what I have learned from this company. Specific things that I have gained from this experience is the ability to help with PowerPoints, excel sheets, and meetings. I gained more skill in these aspects, as well as social aspects. Specifically, I gained new perspective and insight to the marketing field and how important it is to keep a positive attitude in the workplace. T-Mobile was a great experience and I am excited to apply the skills that I have learned in the future!

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  1. Hi Julia!

    I am so happy you enjoyed your experience at T-Mobile! That seems like such an interesting company to work for and you probably learned so much. I totally relate to you about being a hands on learner. I love how in marketing we all work together and as a team rather then individually. And what is nice about work is that everyone is determined to accomplish the same thing rather than in a school group project setting sometimes not everyone contributes the same. Also, one of my biggest fears when starting my new internship at a big company I was worried I would be worked too hard. But it is really a game changer when the company wants to you learn rather than to meet deadlines. We are interns after all! But I am so happy you liked it and great for you for doing it in the Summer and Fall!

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