My Internship Experience with a Local Philly Boutique

My name is Maria Elena Carbone. I’m a senior advertising major with a concentration in art direction. This summer and fall I had a Graphic Design and Social Media Marketing internship at Femme Edge Boutique. Femme Edge Boutique is a local Philadelphia clothing store that targets edgy and unique women. My boss Maura McGlone, is a Temple University grad, and has made my experience with the company insightful and enjoyable.

Because of COVID, my internship was predominantly remote. I spent a lot of time in the Adobe Suite creating social media content, website banners, and designing holiday and promotional emails. I really enjoyed the work I created, and the tone and personality of the brand really aligns with my personal work aesthetic.

However, in the summer I had an experience with the company that will stay with me forever, and is by far the favorite part of my time I spent with the company. On June 12, Femme Edge Boutique, along with many other small businesses, were asked to set up a pop-up shop at the event Come Alive 215 for Pride Month. At this event I helped set up our store front, and my duties included gathering content for social media like videos of the event, customers shopping, and pictures of the general store front.

In my free time during this event, I was able to go around to other vendors and see their business and buy their products. Because it was Pride Month, Come Alive 215 also hosted a drag show with three local Philadelphia drag queens.

This event was so much fun, and I’m really glad my boss had brought me along. It was a good opportunity to experience marketing events, as well as a fun event to experience after being online for both school and my internship.   

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  1. Hello Maria!

    I really enjoyed reading about your internship experience. I can definitely relate to you in spending a lot of time in the Adobe Creative Suite. It seems that we’ve had a similar experience in designing social media posts and promotional materials. I’d be interested to hear more about what you’ve done here and how it relates to what you want to do in the future!

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