My internship


I am currently in the middle of my second semester interning with the Philadelphia Flyers. However this semester has been drastically different than the last because of the end to the NHL lockout. My official internship is with Game Day Presentations. We are in charge of executing all the promotions during the game. Outside of the Flyers, I also work with the Philadelphia Wings Lacrosse and Complex Marketing. This semester one of the projects we’re working on is the marketing and PR plan for the Rugby Seven Collegiate Championships in June.

We began working on the PR and advertising plans by a brainstorming session with the Marketing departments as well as Complex Marketing. As a group, we brainstormed a tagline for the tournament this summer. We also brainstormed a couple of PR events for around the city. This process was really interesting and exciting to be apart of, as a group we broke up into teams of 3 to 4 people. Personally, I worked directly with the client, the director of the Rudgy 7 tournament. Each team was given a packet that included basic information about the rules of rudgy, the history of rudgy, the history of the tournament, the teams involved and past advertising and PR campaigns for the tournanment. Using this information we began brainstorming ideas about what a good tagline would be or effective PR events. I really enjoyed doing this because so often we do this same exact process in class, so it was very exciting to be putting my education to use and work directly with the client. After we brainstormed in our small groups of 3 to 4 people, we met back as a group and using a white board we all wrote down our two best ideas and voted on the best.

From there, all of the interns were each assigned a school to create a specific marketing plan for. My college is Penn and we are currently working on executing guerilla advertising during their spring break using social media. I’m really excited to see how the marketing for this event turns out!

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