My last days at LevLane

A week from today will be my last day at LevLane. And I can honestly say, I wish I didn’t have to leave. LevLane has a mix of talent and personalities that makes for a fun and interesting office. I always feel welcome and included. I’ve been to kick-off meetings, status meetings, internal meetings, etc. I really enjoyed an internal meeting to dicuss one of our clients, The Rothman Institute. It was a great experience to witness LevLane’s employees bounce ideas off each other and share their insights. I really felt part of the group. I shared my ideas and took copious notes, which I later typed up for my boss.

It’s been rewarding to apply the things I’ve learned in class to the work I do here now and vice versa. My professors and the LevLane employees work together well in my life to give me the best learning experience I could ask for in the advertising world. Though my career at Temple and my internship at LevLane are coming to an end, I can say that I have fully enjoyed every moment of them. An internship can truly expose you to the advertising world, both the good and bad parts. It can open your  mind, show you how ideas come about and how they are executed. LevLane has done just that. I’ll greatly miss my time here and hope to keep in touch with everyone in the future.


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