My Revelation: I Love Media

Big DeskAfter a knowledge-packed two months of media work at LevLane, I realized that I thoroughly enjoy MEDIA. It’s a department I wasn’t able to fully learn in class, but lucky for me, I was able to gain real-world experience. After one of my coworkers left, I even got to take one of the big boy desks. Check out this huge desk! It’s huge!

To me, media is like a puzzle. Well, it’s more like two puzzles. The one on top is the one that has hand-sized pieces that looks pretty easy. The one on bottom is that challenging 1,000 piece puzzle that you won at a bingo function. To my eye it seems like an easy process: find out the ad specs your client wants, relay that information over to a vendor representative, and then make sure it worked. The aspect I forget is that a whole team has to plan a potential media campaign for a client, then meet with them, wait, eventually get a strapped budget, buy the placements, monitor it all, face some potential issues, and then relay the performance back to the client.

It seems complicated and confusing, but boy do I sure want to work in this area as soon as I graduate. To end this post, I just wanted to add an interesting aspect of my work I came to realize. Print is important! People have this bizarre, pre-conceived notion that print is dead, but based on the stacks and stacks of magazines you never hear of, print still works. There are magazines you’d never hear of that hold tens of thousands of readers and can still be ten times more effective than digital. Oh and chivalry isn’t dead either.


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