My Role at Sibling Vintage

Hi, my name is Jordan Lese and I am currently interning at Sibling Vintage. Sibling Vintage is a clothing brand that up-cycles thrifted men’s dress shirts and turns them into women’s clothing.

Pictured here are some of Sibling’s pieces.

The basis of my internship is social media work. I assist in uploading/planning content for the Sibling Instagram page. Along with that, I have just begun the process of helping out with Influencer Outreach and assisting in any other tasks that may need to be completed for the business’s success. I have greatly enjoyed my time so far interning with Sibling and I look forward to the continuation of work throughout the rest of the summer. Although I still have a bit of time in my role as an intern at Sibling Vintage, I have learned a lot thus far. I have really gotten to see the ins and outs of how a clothing brand runs and succeeds. I thoroughly enjoy having such a hands on experience and directly contributing to the business.

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