My Time at Sports Illustrated

Hi everyone! My name is Liam McGrath and I am a student at Temple University. I have had the absolute pleasure of interning with wonderful people at Sports Illustrated and Fantasy Football World Championship (FFWC). These last few months at Sports Illustrated have been the best I could have imagined. I have met great people and learned so many amazing things.

My Favorite Parts of This Internship

Although I loved every single part of this internship, there were a few parts that really stood out to me. These included being able to talk about how to spin FFWC’s position in positive ways, and make or more appealing, and working social media. My supervisors and I worked a lot on how to increase engagement in social media and their various websites. This was so much fun with coming up with various posts and thinking what would get people talking about this company and articles more. I really found it difficult because I am a shy person and do not post on social media very often. After spending multiple weeks trying to drive engagement, I certainly came out of my shell. I worked a lot on Sports Illustrated’s Fantasy and Gambling pages on twitter. I absolutely loved it.


Throughout this internship, I met so many hard working people who could truly shed light on the professional world. These people were extremely hard working and dedicated. It was an absolute pleasure being lucky enough to work with them, and I truly cannot say enough good things about them. Two people that I would love to point out are my supervisors Bill and Ben. They are extremely knowledgable around the world of sports and are so helpful. They really helped me understand what it means to work hard and be able to follow directions and get things done. This experience was everything that I thought it would be and hoped that it would be. My favorite part was watching the videos and reading the articles that they would make. The way that I contributed to these were doing lots of research on different sports, and different players. I had so much fun throughout this internship and could not thank the people who made it possible enough. I gained a new sense of being able to put my self out there and becoming able to connect with people on a deeper level. I also really gained understanding of how companies operate, and the different levels within them.

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