My Time at the Swamp

As my internship at the Longswamp Tavern comes to an end, I realize how much I’ve learned in such a short amount of time. Although, I won’t technically still be an intern, I will continue all the work I’ve been doing to better the business.

At the Swamp, we rely much on Facebook to do our advertising. Although, I already knew that Facebook was a great outlet for businesses to advertise and connect with their customers, I saw it in action and was surprised at the outcome. We post daily specials and events on Facebook everyday, create event invites for band nights and other events as well. We have a check-in special for a $1.00 of your first drink and many people take advantage of it. So not only do we rely on word of mouth and excellent customer service, but social media has made a great impact on our business as well. We are constantly making new flyers for open-mic nights and band nights, along with specials. One of my jobs recently was to redesign the drink table tents and menus, which got a positive feedback from many customers.

It’s really great working/interning in a place that is privately owned and very much a local bar. I really got to know my customers more than I already did and they appreciate all the work put into the bar and the marketing done because they know we do everything ourselves. Great things are in the works for the Swamp.







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