My Time at Tierney

I'm a strategic planning intern at Tierney and it's been a great introduction to the advertising industry thus far.

Hi! My name is Eric Kennedy and I am a senior here at Temple University, majoring in Advertising with a concentration in brand strategy & research. Right now, I’m a strategic planning intern at Tierney and it’s been a great introduction to the advertising industry thus far.

Tierney is a full-service communications agency offering services including (but not limited to), social media, brand strategy, and experiential marketing. Having a wide range and variety of departments allows them to thrive in the advertising industry as they strive to produce high-quality content. The company provides for a multitude of clients across the board including Fine Wine & Good Spirits, Xfinity, TD Bank, and more. 

As a strategy intern, I have the opportunity to further my research skills in order to come up with creative, meaningful insights. I get to work on all types of projects throughout the strategic planning process and contribute to important branding aspects. Everyone at the company is super helpful and willing to answer any questions an intern may have. I’ve had the chance to sit in on lunch and learns as well as 1-on-1 conversations with company professionals to learn more about the ins-and-outs of an agency.

Tierney is a great place to learn all facets of the advertising industry and I am happy to be apart of the company. As I finish up my time at the agency, I plan to continue immersing myself in the work and sharpening my strategy skills.  




  1. Hi Eric, it sounds like you had a really valuable, hands-on internship experience and that’s great! Landing a position with Tierney is a great accomplishment, and it seems like you enjoyed your time with the company. I think it’s so awesome that you were included in the strategic planning process of a company with such big clients. In addition, it’s great that you were able to get one-on-one interactions with company professionals — this is such a valuable asset as an intern. Best of luck with your future endeavors!

  2. Hi Eric, this sounds like it was a really beneficial learning experience! It’s very cool that you got a chance to contribute to client work and sit in with meetings to see how daily operations work at Tierney.

  3. Hi Eric! It’s super impressive that you were able to land an internship at Tierney! They are a great company- you should be proud of your accomplishments. Last summer, I was a Brand Strategy intern with a Boston-based agency and it was an awesome experience. I’m glad to see other strategy internships offer similar experiences. Good luck to you in your job hunt and beyond!

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