Navigating the World of Public Relations


My name is Gabrielle Romaine and I am currently in my final year at Temple University. As an advertising major concentrating in media planning, I was excited to get the opportunity to explore the world of Public Relations. Throughout this spring semester, I completed a remote internship for the PR firm, Jenna Communications. I enjoyed gaining hands-on experience while learning about organic press and how to create awareness for a brand. By using applications for daily tasks such as WordPress, TvEyes, Mailchimp, and Canva, I learned how to create engaging content and calculate the value of PR.

I began the internship by pitching one of Jenna’s clients to reporters and podcasts, then worked my way up to harder projects. Throughout this process, I learned the importance of persuasive writing and how to get people interested in the story you want to share.

A highlight of this experience was my ability to have creative freedom on certain projects. For instance, I designed weekly social media posts for other one of her clients using Canva. I quickly understood how to balance creativity with adherence to brand guidelines. Additionally, I had the chance to enhance my video editing skills while working on edits for Jenna’s podcast.

This opportunity also allowed me to hone my communication and organizational skills. Transitioning to a fully remote internship was a hard adjustment in the beginning, and I quickly realized clear communication through emails is crucial. Moreover, I learned to juggle my responsibilities at work, school, and in my personal life, emphasizing the importance of maintaining a well-organized schedule. When working on multiple projects at a time, it’s easy to lose track of tasks, but I rely on a planner to help regulate the things that need to be done for the day.

Initially, I was unsure about the differences between advertising and PR. I quickly grasped that advertising is paid media, while PR is earned. Public relations involves building trust and credibility, whereas advertising focuses on more short-term goals such as sales promotion. Overall, each profession demands a similar skill set to be successful.

I am grateful that this internship allowed me to practice a wide range of skills. From crafting newsletter content and mastering the art of calculating PR values, to creating engaging social media posts and honing my video editing skills. For those starting their first internship, my advice is to ask questions, stay proactive, and maintain a positive attitude. Embrace the new experiences and soak in all the knowledge you can!

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