NBC Philadelphia – Marketing Department

The first week is in the books and already I have learned a great deal working at NBC Philadelphia. I was accepted as an intern in the marketing sector of NBC, where my primary duty is to put together sample marketing packages for potential clients. The sample packages that I put together have the possibility of being used for the real clients if my manager feels that the material is what they are looking for. I have worked on two packages in the first 2 days on the job and already they have used part of my sample packages. To be more specific, I had to put a package together for a potential back-t0-school segment, where I was required to integrate NBC segments such as “Sports First”, “Health watch”, “Your News”, and a few others, and incorporate a back-to-school theme and describe how each segment would relate to the theme. One integration that is being used for the actual client from my sample package is the “Your News” segment. “Your News” takes emails from viewers from the local area and shares stories on how they are impacting the community. My idea was to take a local philanthropist who has made a contribution to a local school and share their story on how they are going to significantly impact the school for this upcoming school year. These projects have increased my knowledge on what clients, who are looking for advertising space, what they are looking for when a marketing firm makes a pitch for why they should advertise with their company. I have done sample projects for Wawa and Hormel Foods so far.

After we run our clients ads on the news segments, it is my duty as an intern to go through the tapes on the news and “dub” all of the spots that have our clients advertisements in them. The reason for doing this is to put together a folder to show the client where their money is going and what time their spots are being aired.

So far, this internship is exceeding expectations in terms of the hands on experience. I was expecting to be doing a lot of shadowing, where I would be only watching people put projects together. This is not the case at all, they are allowing me to put my talents to the test and throwing me into the sharks right away. I have no problem with this at all because I like the challenge of meeting people’s expectations. Hopefully I can continue providing my department with creative ideas for our packages and I hope my enjoyment and excitement for this internship will continue throughout the remaining weeks.

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