Hi, Guys! My name is Matt Baker! This past spring, I had the pleasure of interning at Specialty Answering Services as an account manager and more recently, I began programming accounts. I worked there for a year prior as a sales representative, so I know the stereotypes of being in sales and more specifically, telemarketing, but what I’ve learned on the job has more than compensated for any jokes. With this being my first ‘cubicle job’ (I’ve worked in construction, food, and as a receptionist before) I was a bit nervous walking into it. Quickly, through the help of my coworkers and bosses, I’ve settled into my position and am excited about the future.

I attribute 99% of the atmosphere to my two bosses Nick and Todd. They made sure that when you come to work you don’t feel trapped. The floorplan is open, the bosses doors are generally open and if you have something to say they want to hear it. They decked out the break room with games (including an arcade guitar hero, Galaga and Pacman machine, and three pinball machines), always have the kitchen stocked with snacks, and get us lunch on Tuesdays and Thursdays. They make sure to show us that our work is appreciated.

Because of that, I feel like I must do well every time I am in there. I am a shy person so hopping right on the phone and making sales was far down on my list of strong attributes. Learning to sell the answering service over the phone was a funny and interesting experience. I have heard just about everything under the sun from someone sending me a postcard and inviting me to his 69th birthday to a string of expletives I can’t write. The point is I get a ton of “No,” but also some funny and enjoyable moments.

As of this week, I’m beginning to learn how to program accounts. Currently, my manager is the only other programmer in the company and is beginning to take on more responsibility within the company. I was the candidate picked to learn how to take over programming mainly because of my time spent reading the news/surfing Twitter. It was 100% not because I enjoy computers and had a basic understanding of what he was doing. The game plan is that I take over by summer and in August we are changing over systems, so I will be learning and teaching the system to my coworkers.

I feel like I have done a complete 180° as far as where I see myself. I feel like this is a very exciting opportunity and I honestly can’t wait to see what I can make of it. I don’t have much to offer in terms of suggestions, but I would say that the whole Never Judge a Book by its Cover proved itself true in my case.