New Internship, Same City

Hello! My name is Shannon Vo and this semester, I am interning at Columbia Records under Sony Music Entertainment. I am interning in the Artist & Repertoire department, which is in charge of finding new artists and maintaining relationships with them. During my internship, I get to work with current musical artists in the industry as well as help recruit new talent. Currently, I am helping out with finding new upcoming artists from all over the world. Along with that, I get to go to shows to scout out potential artist to sign, who are on the label’s radar. It’s exciting that I get to work with so many influential people in the music industry. These are people who have found so many legendary artists such as Beyoncé, AC/DC, John Legend, and so many more. Columbia Records has been around for a while so there is so much history to the company and so many success stories.

On Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays, I head up to New York City and I’m there all day long. This is my second semester interning there so commuting is a little easier because I’ve done it so much. It’s about two and a half to three hours, depending on traffic, to get there. Yes, that sounds horrible, but “ya gotta do whatcha gotta do.” Some days, I’m completely over it and other days, it’s so worth it. I always get people who tell me I’m crazy and ask me how I do it. All I say to them is “Yes, I am crazy, but I’m just very dedicated.” I’m only four weeks in, and I already know that this internship is going to teach me so much. However, the other interns are why I am most excited to come all the way to New York for. The people at Sony stress the importance of networking, especially with your fellow peers, and I have.


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  1. Interning with Columbia Records is so cool! As an advertising major, I think this is a unique internship to have and you are able to bring a different perspective to the A&R department. I also like your comment on commuting to NYC as being “very dedicated,” and I 100% agree! It definitely shows your commitment to working in the music industry.

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