No Weakness at Weston Fitness

I’m Hillary and as an Advertising Management Major and crazy athlete, I’m interning this summer at Weston Fitness in Center City as their marketing intern. Well let me tell you something, I’m having a blast while expanding my marketing and advertising horizons. Right now I’m working on a campaign for the gym which includes developing an external cross platform to increase sales, establishing 5 new B2b partnerships, maintaining social media, hosting events, and designing & creating digital copy. Can you say EXPERIENCE!!? I really enjoy what I’m doing and can only continue to push myself forward with the campaign. The people here are great and my boss is full of encouraging ideas. Maybe it’s because I’m working with trainers in a gym or it’s because they love what they do too. I’m posting a flyer I recently finished, hope you all get excited to see these in your hands this summer. Keep a look out for the summer themed cards too!


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