A little more than a week ago I started a Retail/ Visual Internship at Nordstrom and the experience has been a whirlwind of information already! With fashion being my future I was hopeful that this internship would give me a greater outlook of the industry and so far it has. I chose to pursue a different department and do something I am totally unfamiliar with- MENS! I have been a buyer for a local boutique near my home for women’s clothing and worked retail in the past and was ready for a challenge with this new endeavor. I have been going to meetings, working retail and learning non stop. Nordstrom drives its success and prides itself on being “All About the Customer”. In my opinion they really do make everything about the customer and provide outstanding customer service. For anyone who isn’t familiar, Nordstrom’s return policy is they have no return policy so if a customer is unhappy with a product for any reason they can return it… no questions asked, no receipt or tags. I along with 14 other interns at King of Prussia have heard from several different speakers already that are very inspiring- KOP & Cherry Hill Nordstrom store managers, HR reps, LP teams, several department managers and it is really unbelievable to hear their stories. Nordstrom is dedicated to promoting within the company so it is a fabulous company to grow with. Most of the speakers we have heard from told us stories of their success moving from interns to sales people to managers to stylist and buyers. The chain of growth in such a short time period makes it a company I would like to stay with and pursue a career. Although I am comfortable with selling and commission sales I am definitely interested with more managerial and stylist roles. I have several weeks left of meetings, learning and selling so many experiences and stories are to come!

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  1. Liz! This internship seems perfect for you. I can’t believe you are doing this internship along with running your own boutique! It sounds like a perfect fit for you and I think it’s great that you chose to do something that you weren’t as familiar with. I think that is a very smart move and everyone should do something similar by working outside of their comfort zone. I hope everything is going well, it seems like you are having an amazing time!

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