Not Your Average Ad Internship

Hello there! My name is Set and I am currently interning at the Office of the City Representative (OCR). Sounds kind of unfamiliar in the advertising realm, doesn’t it? And yes, I am not working for an advertising agency but a government-based office. It may seem unrelated to my major but I can say that I have learned so much from the team here. Similar to how ad agencies have different departments, the OCR office offers the same structure. We have the PR, Project Management, Operation, Admission team and many more.

Coming in the office is always exciting because I get to work on different projects every time from management, marketing, research, reporting, tracking and even going out of the office to deliver packages and go for meetings. Hence, that is why I do not have a specific titled position for this internship. The team here is ever so diverse. We have someone as young as 22 working with the team and at the same time someone in the 60’s still working hard and giving their best to their work.

Also, the office is never quiet or dull with new people always coming in from other departments to pay a visit and come for meetings. What I have really learned from my time here in OCR is to always put up a positive and friendly attitude every day and greeting every person you meet, regardless of their status. I walk into the office and see officers dressed in torn jeans and dirty t-shirt but they are actually managers and the head of their departments! As the saying goes, never judge a book by its cover. So always remember to be mindful about your manners and attitude to others because what comes around really does go around!

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