Nothing is ever too big or too small.

As this semester is coming to a close, I am now walking the plank of this part-time job at Tierney. It’s all coming to an end and I will need a stable full time position to regulate my life in the “real” world. I’ve learned some incredible things at Tierney and had the pleasure to work with some of the best people in the industry. It can be a tough world out there, but I’m sure everything I’ve learned and accomplished here will serve me well in the future.

And here is one of the greatest things I’ve learned:

Nothing is ever too big or too small.

There’s a story about a hotel owner who walked into an agency in London asked to have an ad made for his establishment. He only had $500 measly dollars to spend on his campaign. He was pushed aside to an aspiring copywriter, who worked at the time as an office boy. Within 6 weeks, the office boy took the $500 and turned the new hotel into a full house using one of the most inexpensive forms of advertising, which was direct mail. Years later, we know that office boy was David Ogilvy. And they say the rest is history.

Several people were recently promoted at Tierney. A creative director moved up to a higher CD chair, and the blurb written about him was inspiring. “No job is ever too small for him”. This is the same CD that took the time out of his incredibly busy schedule (of dealing with expensive media and accounts) to help me out with one of my ads- a simple banner ad for the company. Every time I sat with this man, I learned something. He took for the time for every piece of ad, or ideas that came his way. I believe this is a key part of success.

I implore all my fellow students graduating to treat each assignment this way. You’re never too smart to learn something new. You’re never too important to meet someone new and make a great impression, or to build on the relationships you have. This isn’t always easy to do. But often, great things do not come easy. Embrace your accomplishments, but never think you’re too great for something. Try your best to treat everything with precision. In the end, you’ll become an admirable character for your efforts.

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