Old City Has Never Felt Younger

My little Maiden design I created based off of my 4 bosses!


My name is Jaclyn Kessel and I am currently a Junior Advertising Art Direction Major. This semester, I started my first real internship at Maiden Media Group, located in the heart of Old City, Philadelphia. Maiden Media Group is a small agency, run by young digital natives who focus on social media marketing. Everyone who works at Maiden is unbelievably kind and intelligent. Prior to this opportunity, I’ve never had the chance to surround myself with such young, motivated, and bright people. Just over the course of the last three weeks, I’ve learned more than I could ever imagine as an intern.

Before I started my first day interning with Maiden Media Group, I was excited, yet incredibly nervous. I feared everything.

My frightened expectations included:

  1. No one would remember my name.
  2. I would have no time to eat lunch.
  3. I was going to mess up. A lot.

Man, was I wrong. Everyone who works at my internship is very nice and easy to talk to. They are always willing to help, without any hesitation. At first I had a tough time adjusting to the fact that these people were just people because I had my internship-game face on. Ever since I realized how important it is to just calm down and be myself, I’ve become much more comfortable in the office. I learned that it is important to eat lunch with co-workers or just talk to them because nothing is worse than hiding your bright personality, as cheesy as it may sound. I am so fortunate to intern with some of the coolest people ever. I never thought that I’d be comfortable enough to email cat YouTube videos to a boss of mine, after submitting a design entry. It is important to have fun, especially as a designer. Having Fun + Working Hard= A wonderful internship experience.

I love interning at Maiden Media Group, especially because I learn so much every day. Not only am I learning a lot about the advertising Industry, but also I’m learned so much more about my own self. If you are ever given an opportunity to intern with Maiden Media Group or any other awesome creative agency, jump on it!!



  1. WOO HOO #teammaiden #madawesome I do the social media for maiden on Mondays and Wednesdays 🙁 that’s why I have yet to meet you, my fellow intern.

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