Only Elite Matters: My Phenomenal Experience

I was lucky enough to be a social media marketing intern for Only Elite Matters, a digital agency that specializes in the arts including photography, videography, event planning, etc. They are a Philly-based agency ran by four talented and smart individuals who specialize in their own department: Event Planning, Social Media/Marketing, Photography/Videography, and Public Relations.

Coming into the internship, I wasn’t really sure about what exactly I was getting myself into. I thought I wasn’t going to have as much hands-on experience, but I was luckily very wrong about that. I was able to delve into content creation, event planning, and digital media marketing. I was in charge of some of the posts on the company’s Instagram and had to conduct research to know what to post and when.

Something that I was ultimately inspired by was the event that OEM created called Phenomenal Women. Phenomenal Women was an event taken place in South Philadelphia on March 30th, 2019. A group of women were given a chance to showcase their art, talent, and success stories at this event, which was the third part of the series celebrating successful women in the community. The event featured four female panelists, 20+ female artists and vendors, and also a female DJ. I was able to recap the event by interviewing many of the artists and panelists. This was something that I was so excited about because being able to talk to people doing so well in the field I’d like to work in was truly enlightening. This is just one thing I really loved about this internship: being able to meet people and work with them. To have hands-on experience instead of just doing work remotely on my phone.

To read more about the event itself, click here!

Overall, the thing that I have been inspired most about being in this internship was getting to work with such inspiring individuals. Our mentors, (Amaria, Josh, Dylan, Sam), were the main reasons that made this internship so fulfilling. They were always there to answer any questions we had, guided us into the right direction with no judgments, and were always easy going to talk to if we had any conflicts or concerns. They made it very personable to everyone and made sure that all our voices were heard. This showed me how much a positive work environment can truly change your mood when you’re doing a job/project. Though the projects we did were very exciting and fun, nothing compares to being able to work with people who make you feel uplifted and confident. I’m thankful for the people I’ve met, the events I have been, and the relationships I have formed. I can’t wait to see what the future holds!


Leilani Encarnacion


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