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As a senior Temple University student, I felt like I was late to the game when I got my first internship during my final semester.

As a senior Temple University student, I felt like I was late to the game when I got my first internship during my final semester. I applied to a number of internships and only heard back from one employer, securing one interview. That same employer offered me the position of media intern for their company. I went into the internship with the mindset of learning as much as I can give my time there. As my time with my internship near ends, I can confidently say I am more experienced and my skill set is stronger than before.

My duties in the agency include making and pulling information for audits, proofreading and editing media plans and reports, getting my Google Adwords certifications, navigating Google Ads to create campaigns, and doing research on media outlets for our clients. This was extremely helpful to learn since I only dabbled in this during my classes. I feel like I have sharpened my skill set and got to use all the knowledge I learned to apply. 

My internship has taught me more than I previously believed. I did not know how many details go into media planning and how much everyone relies on one another. The only thing I would change would be that the internship would be in person rather than remote. I know this issue is out of everyone’s control due to the state of the world, but I would like the human interaction in the office and having more of a community-type feel. I would also be able to meet people from other departments and see how the company operates as a whole. 

The advice I would give to those who are looking for an internship is not to be afraid. It can be very scary to put yourself out there and be interviewed by employers. Do not think you need to know everything going into the internship, you have room to learn and grow. The internship employer is not going to expect the world out of you. I also recommend applying to many internships and not just one that you have your heart set on. Finally, I would prepare for your interviews thoroughly. Writing out mock questions and having fresh answers will prepare you for the interview. 

I am so grateful I had the opportunity to be a media intern. Being as young as I am and in a city with thriving advertising agencies, it really made me feel lucky to learn on top of my schooling. I’m excited to see where I will be in the advertising world and to finish college strong!

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