Overcoming Ad Anxiety

I have about a month left at my internship with Harmelin Media. I can’t believe I have been there since January. Looking back now, I was really scared when I first started. It was a lot of information at one time and I felt like I was disappointing my internship advisor because some assignments were clicking as quickly as I hoped they would. I think this was my biggest struggle was with Harmelin. I had to put my self in unfamiliar grounds in order to succeed. Getting used to the software, a new work environment and a new group of people was definitely a lot. Thankfully my anxiety has subsided and I am very comfortable and happy at my internship. The workload has gotten larger and more in depth, but I have the confidence now to handle it. What is it about a new environment that gives us all that anxiety and fear of failure? I have learned so much in these three months and I’m extremely excited to see where this experience takes me in my career. live_1391725563_HM_Logo_Twitter5

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