Owning it at Chatterblast Media

After working on a month-long research project for a new client at Chatterblast Media, I was given the opportunity to present my work to the client. This was a really great professional experience, not only because it was so heavily involved, but also because it gave me the confidence to own my work.

When the research manager at Chatterblast, Jackie gave me the assignment, I had no idea how big of a project I was getting into. Hired as a content creator, most of my previous assignments revolved around writing and composing content for client’s social media. This project, however was much more complex and involved in the social media strategy: parts of the industry I haven’t been involved in before.

After spending close to a month compiling a 40+ slide PowerPoint detailing the social media presence of 15 of the client’s competitors, I knew just about every facet of every Facebook, Twitter, blog, Instagram, Youtube, Google+, Pinterest, and LinkedIn account I had looked at.

Just as I was putting the final touches on the PowerPoint, Jackie informed me that one of the client CEO’s was in Philly that day, and he was going to come in for a meeting with us. I was excited and nervous to be in a real meeting with a real client, however, I didn’t really have time to think about it.

Jackie and I were time-crunched. We spent the next 3 hours before the client came in going through the PowerPoint and making sure everything was uniform, worded correctly, and done perfectly.

Finally, 2:00 rolled around and we were setting up the presentation in the conference room. The client arrived and the presentation rolled out smoothly. Since I had done the research and I knew the information best, it was my responsibility to explain all of my findings to the client.

Overall the experience was something I wouldn’t have been able to get anywhere else. The level of involvement Chatterblast allows us as interns is one of the most important aspects of why I love interning there. Not only am I meeting great people as resources, but every day I feel I get to push my professional boundaries and learn so much more about the advertising and media industry.


  1. Awww im happy everything worked out for you! I was thinking of interning there next semester was it easy to get an interview?

  2. Thank you Samyra! It wasn’t difficult to get an interview, but I would recommend a well put together resume and a strong coverletter. If you want to intern there next semester, you should apply as soon as possible because they already started interviewing. If not, you could always apply to do the summer internship. Good luck! It’s a great experience!

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