This Internship Class was the last class I had to take in order to receive that clean, white paper that allows me to say I’m qualified.That one thing I have been working towards for four years. However as I approached graduation, I was more confused than ever. While I was in the Art Direction track, I had no idea what I wanted to do within the field. So you can imagine that as the first day of my internship approached, I was hesitant on what I was going to do. To my luck, I was able to dabble in a little bit of everything during my time at the Greater Knead (catchy name, I know). I created content for social media, designed print and marketing materials and helped in designing web layouts.

While I loved every bit of that, what I was drawn to more was the packaging. They asked me to come up with concepts for granola labels, bags for their flour and granola and little stickers. As soon as I jumped in, I was taken with the extensive nature of packaging. The challenge, the creativity and the unconventional entirety of it made me realize that it was something that I am now determined to pursue in the future. I love being able to create that feeling of excitement as someone opens a bag of bagel chips. Of designing that moment where someone chooses this certain product amongst all other brands. I was sold. Packaging is where my heart is at the moment. It will probably change, but for now catch me working on some granola labels.