Parkinson Council Internship

Parkinson Disease

ABOUT US INFO : “The Parkinson Council, an affiliated chapter of the National Parkinson Foundation serving the greater Delaware Parkinson DiseaseValley, raises funds to provide financial grants to entities that are dedicated to:

  • Promoting research into the causes and cure for Parkinson’s Disease
  • Educating patients, caregivers, health professionals and the general public about Parkinson’s Disease
  • Improving the quality of life for patients and their families

I have just started my advertising internship within the Parkinson Council Non Profit Organzition. I have really enjoyed the last three weeks of my internship and suggest many try new organizations outside of ad agencies as well. I think that many organizations like non profits can benefit the advertiser and challenge them to think outside the box to advertise for the help and support for diseases like Parkinson’s.  Working with the organization I have learned how to advertise in different ways like the importance of social media and how much non profit relys on social networking.  To find out more about the Parkinson Council you can

follow the Parkinson Counci at :

Or visit online at:

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