Parkinson Council Upcoming Events

The Parkinson Council has an upcoming event that many might be interested in. As you all know by now, I am interning with the Parkinson Council, helping them advertise for these upcoming events. The first major event is on April 16th 2011, the 10th annual Walk for Parkinson’s in Philadelphia. Registration for the event can be done online at  under the Stamp Out Parkinson subpage. The walk will begin rain or shine at Lloyd Hall on Kelly Drive at 9 am. For more information about this event you can contact the Parkinson Council’s  at 610- 668- 4292.

Save To Date: Monday, June 27th Parkinson Council’s Golf Classic

Below I have posted a video from last years golf classic. For all you golfers come join the Parkinson Council in their 12th annual Parkinson’s Golf Classic. Parkinson Council Golf Classic

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  1. I think its pretty cool that your internship has a meaningful cause behind it. You’ve got to feel a sense of self satisfaction when you take a step back and see that the work you are doing isn’t just helping a company make a ton of money; its helping a greater cause. Part of the reason I chose advertising was with philanthropic/mission work in mind.

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