Philadelphia Advertising Industry Adjusts to the Times

Contrary to popular belief, Philadelphia Business Journal says that Philly’s Advertising Industry is hiring!

Agencies like LevLane, Machinery and O3 both say they are looking to hire young, new talent in the upcoming year. But the qualities they are looking for have changed, saying that a lot of the positions they are trying to fill didn’t even exist 5 or 6 years ago. Scott Tattar, director of PR at Lev lane said, “Being tech savvy is only part of it — everyone younger is tech savvy now. They grew up with social media in their DNA. There’s a creative surge in Philadelphia — I’m seeing it just in the number of bikes in the racks below the building.”

This is exciting news for us soon to be college grads looking for a way into the advertising world. O3, a web based, tech heavy agency located in Fishtown moved from NoLibs to an old warehouse above a tattoo parlor. Their new spot is described as a “second-floor space takes over a former bootlegger’s warehouse and features exposed brick walls and “warehouse” elements, but also a pool table, dart board and a bank of new computers — to accommodate the staff of 16, double the payroll of recent years.”

The article also says that there are more and more agencies and companies opening in the near future, giving us plenty of opportunities to land an industry job in the City of Brother love. So go ahead and do some research on your own, check out agency’s websites and let the job search begin!

Read the full article here

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