Philadelphia Flyers Internship

When I first got hired as a intern with the Philadelphia Flyers, I expected an experience to be very different than the one I am having because of the current lockout state. I was hired as a game night promotions intern, which means, that we would attend all the home games and set up promotions and advertising during the games, enhancing the fan experience would be our main task. However, now because of the lack of a signed contract, I was giving a chance to explore all of the different aspects of the business and marketing side of sports. I knew I would have a great learning experience when I got hired but I am exploring and discovering new passions. I have done a good amount of work with Complex Marketing, which is something I want to pursue after my internship is over. Complex Marketing is the advertising and PR company with in the Comcast Spectacor building. Their main duty is to market the shows and events that come into the Wells Fargo Center, for example certain concerts, Disney on Ice, the Circus, Philadelphia Wings etc. Currently, we are working on marketing the Disney on Ice shows that are coming to the city next month. As a part of this effort, we have done numerous events at Xfinity Live, like for instance on Tuesday, November 13th, we are doing a family movie night were we will be showing the new Disney movie Brave. At other events, I got the chance to dress up like Cinderella and give at coupons and discounts for tickets to families in attendance. So far, I have been having a wonderful experience with the Flyers organization and really hope to make a career with them.



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