Philadelphia magazine

Hi, my name is Allison Hollander, most of my classmates know me as Allie. I
am a senior Advertising major with a focus on Account Management. I didn’t
start at Temple University with the intent of studying Advertising. I began
undeclared and then chose Elementary Education. It wasn’t until I took
Introduction to Advertising my sophomore year that I realized this was
something I could be passionate about.

So, I went ahead and declared my major. I was determined to graduate on
time and therefore I jumped right in to my major coursework. I have always
been a hardworking student, but it wasn’t until I started with my
Advertising coursework that I learned when you are truly passionate about
something, you succeed beyond what you imagined you could ever do. Every
assignment I turned in was an A. Every group project I did, I led the team
in a productive way. The concepts we were learning came easy to me.

Over this past summer I realized that I had excelled in my coursework thus
far and now it was time to get the real world experience. I began looking
at internships and trying to figure out what type of environment I wanted
to work in and what type of work I wanted to be exposed to. Then, *
Philadelphia** *magazine* *fell into my lap.

One of my close friends, Molly Burch, called me and asked if I planned on
interning anywhere for the fall semester. The person who she interned for
over the summer was looking for a fall intern and Molly thought I would be
a perfect fit. I was overjoyed. Not just because it was *Philadelphia** *magazine,
but also, Molly knows me and she also knows the culture at *Philadelphia** *
magazine* *and if she thinks it would be a great fit, that’s better than
going in blind to another opportunity and hoping for the best.

Sure enough, I love everything about *Philadelphia** *magazine, from the
publication itself to the people who are behind it all. Danielle DiGiovanni
is the person in charge of the Advertising Sales interns and I couldn’t
have hoped for a better “boss.” I have learned so much not just about the
industry but also how to get along in the corporate world. The issues that
arise, that your day doesn’t end at five all the time and that it can be
way more fun than you ever anticipated. With that said, I look forward to
getting into the real life, corporate culture and learning more about what
goes on and also about myself.

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